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Classes/ Cycles/ Terms

  • This means that we will have group for 4 continuous weeks then take a week off, this is 1 CYCLE.

  • Cycles are grouped in threes, which equals a TERM.

  • When a student enrolls in a group, the student is committing to a TERM. Meaning attend 4 weeks, 1 week off, 4 weeks, 1 week off, 4 weeks, term over.

  • Current term families get priority enrollment in the next term   2 cycles in advance.

  • During the last cycle I will open    enrollment for a new term to families on the waiting list. Then, I will advertise for new families.

  • The registration fee is good for 1 school year per student  (Sept- June) summer events are not part of the school year terms.

  • All Camps/ Workshops/ Events are first come first serve basis during open enrollment. This means that I will send      information home to currently enrolled families first and then open enrollment up to the public on the date noted on the information sheet.

  • I have done my very best to make this affordable to all families, noting that many families have multiple children enrolling. For this reason there is no sibling discount but please speak to me if the financial obligation stops you from  joining in on the activities.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

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Preschool- Kinder

Pre School- This is 4-6 year old children that are showing interest in writing and have a desire for some structured social exploration. To be ready for this level child must be potty trained, able to speak in 3-5 word sentences, and maintain attention to a stationary activity for 5-10 minutes. Weekly this group meets to work with the calendar, alphabet awareness, sensory stations, social skills, and hands on theme units. Parents will get a monthly calendar with 2-4 daily activities to promote learning at home that partners with what we work on at group.
* Max Group Size 10/ 2 Teachers

“The applications [from homeschoolers] I’ve come across are outstanding.

       Homeschoolers have a distinct advantage because of the individualized instruction they have received.”

Dartmouth College

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